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Top 10 Critical Things You Should Know
Before You Select a Sleep Apnea Dentist

Sleep apnea and snoring problems care is an investment in the future of your overall health. And, like any investment, you'll want to do a little research before making a final decision. These guidelines can help you choose the practitioner who's right for you.

  1. Check the doctor's credentials.

    Unlike other dental specialties (oral surgery, orthodontics, etc.), sleep apnea dentistry is not recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as a specialty. However, you should be sure that your dentist is properly credentialed. The dentist should also be licensed through the state dental board.

  2. Investigate the doctor's training.

    The best sleep apnea dentistry practitioners didn't just go to dental school; they also completed extensive post-graduate training programs that focus specifically on issues of snoring and sleep apnea treatment. In addition, the best dentists regularly attend continuing education classes to stay up-to-date on new procedures and materials.

  3. Start with a consultation.

    Going in for a consultation is a great way to learn more about a dentist and dental practice. Consultations are generally inexpensive, and are sometimes even offered for free. Talk to the dentist before you commit to anything. Remember, it's your job to make an educated decision.

  4. Look for sleep apnea care experience.

    Sleep apnea dentistry treatment can vary widely, depending on the patient. In general, the more sleep apnea patients a dentist has treated, the better that dentist's work will be. Extensive snoring and sleep apnea experience provides your dentist with a wide range of options from which to find the one that's right for you.

  5. Communication is key.

    It's essential that you be able to talk to your dentist - and that your dentist will listen to you! There's a lot of dialogue that needs to go into an individual long-term treatment plan. If you feel bullied, pressured, or rushed, then that's probably not the right dentist for you.

  6. Check the testimonials

    Take a look at the dentist's testimonials before you make up your mind. Pay specific attention to cases that are similar to yours. Ask the dentist for specifics about any case that interests you.

  7. Don't pay too much - or too little.

    Some dentists charge more by marketing themselves as high-end celebrity sleep apnea dentists offering miracle results overnight. Other dentists try to make up for poor materials and shoddy work by offering low prices. Beware the extremes.

  8. An honest dentist sets realistic expectations.

    Watch out for doctors who promise more than they can deliver. You want a dentist who will tell you what can and cannot be done for your snoring or sleep apnea problems. You need to know how long the process will take, what you'll have to do, and any complications that could occur.

  9. Technology is cool, but it's not the only thing.

    A dentist with high-tech modern equipment is more likely to be up-to-date on modern techniques. At the same time, however, don't let yourself be dazzled by a dentist's fancy tools; what really matters is if the dentist knows how to use them properly.

  10. A good lab technician is a valuable asset.

    The dentist might decide on the treatment plan, but it's the lab technician who'll actually fabricate the oral appliance. Great dentists are proud of their lab technicians and the materials they use.

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